About You Can Help

You Can Help Publishing is a publisher of high standard human service books and resources. We are careful to select themes and subjects that are of most importance and practical value for potential readers.

Without compromising quality we strive to produce low cost publications that are especially useful to organisations who have the capacity to buy in bulk, for wider distribution and to achieve a greater social impact.

We aim to publish high quality books and other materials that can help:

  • People achieve emotional resilience, succeed in important relationships, cope with challenges and change, maintain good mental health, and have the capacity to live and work meaningfully, creatively, and passionately.
  • People achieve the best physical health and wellness of which they are capable.
  • Build the capacity of individuals, organisations, and communities to take informed action and pursue strategies aimed at enhancing human health, welfare and wellbeing.
  • Inform health and human service professionals in their endeavour to achieve better outcomes for their patients, clients and constituents.