Aspects of Ageing - Creative Male Ageing: Challenging conventions and exploring new options for older men

Aspects of Ageing - Creative Male Ageing
Challenging conventions and exploring new options for older men

Twelve radio programs, produced at PBA FM in Adelaide South Australia and available nationally through the Community Radio Network. Aspects of Ageing – Creative Male Ageing is accompanied by a dedicated website, with Podcasts, Study Guides and Related Resources. 

Aspects of Ageing - Creative Male Ageing is produced with support from the Office for the Ageing, Department of Health, Government of South Australia. 


Without the discovery of some affordable elixir of life, old age is the most likely inevitability for most of us. About this there is little debate. However, what is now hotly disputed are all the other presumed dismal inevitabilities commonly associated with advancing years: loss of sexual function, diminishing health, mental decline, occupational oblivion, and loss of meaningful self-identity and independence.

The phenomenon of ageing has become a contested space - where different opinions and perspectives are now in contention - especially with the issues of a proposed increased retirement age and the costs of an ageing population now entering the political centre-stage.

There are those who see the ‘afternoon of life’ as a time of new freedom and choices, full of invigorating possibilities. Others are in earnest pursuit of anti-ageing strategies, determined not to age, and some might argue, perpetuating our cultural tendency to over-emphasise youth. Another contingent, often comically portrayed as ‘grumpy’ see little if anything to celebrate about advancing years, and are resigned to ‘waiting for God’.

In view of the now growing evidence of exceptions to the rule across many previously presumed negative elements of ageing, it seems timely to take a fresh look at this whole subject.

Project Consultant, Dr John Ashfield
Psychotherapist, author and educator, South Australia
Director, Australian Institute of Male Health and Studies

Creative Male Ageing challenges the ‘decrepitude and debilitation’ view of ageing, and seeks to determine whether, in reasonable circumstances, ageing men can actually seize the day and make ageing not only less distressing, but a time that is satisfyingly meaningful, healthy, creative, and yes, good.

Though this project aims to winkle out positive themes of ageing, and to discover if there are grounds for a more helpful perspective and a potentially better life and experience for ageing men, it does not guild the lily. Just as there are arguably limiting conventions and stereotypes of ageing that deserve to be challenged, there are of course, also undeniably unpalatable realities of ageing that should not be glossed over or ignored.

In an endeavour to bring into focus some of the more important themes of male ageing, this project has sought to draw together and to give voice to, a broad and varietal range of both expert commentary and lived experience of individual ageing men.

Dr John Ashfield
Project Consultant,
Creative Male Ageing

Tony Ryan
Project Manager, PBA FM 
Adelaide, South Australia



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Usually available online within a week of first broadcast of each program, Podcasts and Study Guides may be found on three websites: 

Program 01
(Mind Your Step! / How we think about age and ‘usefulness’ can affect us all)
Study Guide    Listen Now

Program 02
(Good Sense Unemployed / Rethinking the issue of older men and work)
Study Guide    Listen Now

Program 03
(Seizing The Day / Mastering change and transition in later life)
Study Guide    Listen Now

Program 04
(Life on Mars / The challenges for older men living in retirement accommodation)
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Program 05
(No Place to Call Home / How men in retirement can become refugees in their own lives)
Study Guide    Listen Now

Program 06
(Mind Your Business / Why saying can’t or shouldn’t to older males, might backfire)
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Program 07
(Too Old To Be Unfit / How exercise can have major benefits for older males – especially during and after prostate treatments)
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Program 08
(Unzipping the Facts / Sexual health for older men)
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Program 09
(Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Man / Older men meeting the challenge of finding meaning and identity after employment)
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Program 10
(At Home in the Shed / How some older men are finding a place where they can belong and thrive again, after retirement or displacement from the workforce)
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Program 11
(Spare a Thought for your Brain / How insights from science can help older men not to lose their wits)
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Program 12
(Men Need a Project / Recovering some youth, health and meaning through mentoring)
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Creative Male Ageing comes to you from PBA FM in Adelaide South Australia.