Preventing Male Suicide

In Australia, suicide is now the number one killer of men under 44 years of age. And, though by far the majority of suicides are male, little attention is given to suicide as a predominantly male behaviour, and a behaviour that can only be understood from the gender specific perspective of male experience and male psychology.

Not only is there a need for greater understanding of factors influencing male suicide but, if it is to be adequately addressed, each of us must become part of the solution: watchful and preventative ‘eyes and ears’ in our communities.

Male suicide is about the lonely and tragic death of much loved fathers, sons, husbands, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, and friends. And let’s not forget its awful aftermath: the intense suffering experienced by those left to grieve and to deal with often unanswerable questions for years.

Suicide is not just an issue for health and mental health services, but one that must be owned by our community. And we need to do more than merely talk about it; each of us can play an important role in suicide prevention.

Suggestions and background information presented here come from the experience of many years of working in male suicide prevention, available research in this field, and having trained over 2000 key men in communities across Australia, through the Menswatch Peer Support Training program.


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