Teenagers and Self Harm Featured

This bestselling publication written for parents, teachers, and health professionals, is intended to provide crucial up-to-date information for understanding and responding appropriately to teenagers who self-harm. The author talks clearly, openly and frankly about the issue of self-harm, addresses common misconceptions, and leaves readers much more confident about knowing how to respond.

There are many misconceptions surrounding self-harm which can all too often affect the way concerned parents or professionals respond to teenagers using this behaviour.

It is not uncommon for teenagers to report that they had a ‘bad experience’ when they’ve tried to seek help, and came away feeling judged and demeaned, instead of understood and supported, making it less likely that they will seek help again.

It is needful that we begin talking openly and frankly about the issue of self-harm; neglecting to do so will only ensure it remains a taboo subject, leaving a growing number of teenagers with few avenues of support and likely to be left to suffer in silence.

Teenagers and Self Harm
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