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Teenagers and Self Harm Teenagers and Self Harm
What every Parent and Teacher needs to know

Written for parents, teachers, and health professionals, this resource is intended to provide crucial up-to-date information for understanding and responding appropriately to teenagers who self-harm.

There are many misconceptions surrounding self-harm which can all too often affect the way concerned parents or professionals respond to teenagers using this behaviour.

It is not uncommon for teenagers to report that they had a ‘bad experience’ when they’ve tried to seek help, and came away feeling judged and demeaned, instead of understood and supported, making it less likely that they will seek help again.

It is needful that we begin talking openly and frankly about the issue of self-harm; neglecting to do so will only ensure it remains a taboo subject, leaving a growing number of teenagers with few avenues of support and likely to be left to suffer in silence.

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Matters For Men Matters for Men
(How to stay healthy and keep life on track)

At last, a book written for men - and about men, that doesn’t pander to disparaging male stereotypes, and that provides crucial information on men’s health topics, as well as a refreshing new perspective on many key men’s issues. The book insists on a view of men that is affirmative and valuing. Rather than encouraging men to be more like women, it clarifies and celebrates gender differences – the unique differences in the way men think, feel, and behave compared to women.

Matters for Men, is an ideal book for ordinary readers – for men, and for women who care about them. It has received wide acclaim as a book that even reluctant male readers have been prepared to read from cover to cover. It is also an invaluable resource for health and welfare practitioners who work with men and want a better understanding of their needs and issues.

Matters for Men, has been purchased in bulk by a number of organisations for regional, State and national men’s health promotion programs, and for distribution in men’s workplaces.

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Doing Psychotherapy With Men Doing Psychotherapy With Men
Practicing ethical psychotherapy & counselling with men

Written by bestselling author, Dr John Ashfield, this is a book of vital importance to practitioners in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, psychiatry, primary care, and counselling - as well as anybody concerned with health and mental health promotion. It is an ideal primer in how to work respectfully and appropriately with men and boys. The greatest strength of the book is that it breaks free from glib ideological notions about gender and males, and draws on evidence from a broad range of academic disciplines in presenting an eminently useful male psychology.

The final chapter of the book has been written by well-known author and academic psychologist from the U.S.A. - Dr Scott, D. Miller (known internationally for his research and work in the field of FIT - feedback informed treatment), and a colleague, Danish psychologist, Susanne Bargmann.

This is currently the only book of its kind and scope on the market, and will contribute much to improving the effectiveness of all psychosocial practitioners in engaging and working with men and boys.

Published by: Peacock Publications and The Australian Institute of Male Health and Studies. Available for purchase online at: Amazon

Taking Care of Yourself and Your Family Taking Care of Yourself and Your Family
A resource book for good mental health

Written by bestselling author, Dr John Ashfield, this is the most popular mental health publication in Australia.

The book deals with a broad range of mental health issues (such as stress, anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, insomnia, and alcohol misuse), and provides simple and effective ideas and strategies for people to use to help themselves.

The book has also been very popular with psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, mental health professionals and counsellors, who have used it in their work with patients and clients.

This new edition of the book is now available for purchase. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Phone: 0439 69 29 75

Relationships, Separation & Divorce Relationships, Separation & Divorce
Edited by: Karin Koch

The book Relationships, Separation & Divorce addresses a wide range of relationship problems and provides basic legal information on separation and divorce. It lists the contact details of people, businesses and organisations that someone might need in such a difficult situation, including family lawyers, counsellors, financial advisors, and government and community support organisations. The articles, written by experts in their fields, are accompanied by book recommendations for those wanting to gain a deeper understanding of specific relationship or separation issues.

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